"Security asked me, why I stole the bag I had on my back?"

The other day I guess it was Friday, no Saturday afternoon. I was out in Manhattan. I was carrying my backpack which I usually carry all the time. I keep my normal things in there, I usually keep a pad, my phone. You know your normal things you would keep in a bag. I walked into K-Mart to go do some shopping and uh Long Island Railroad. And I think that's under, by Penn Station, underneath Penn Station there. As I walked in everything was, everything was fine, I was looking, everything. I actually actually bought an item. I bought a, I bought a, I think I bought a pair of sunglasses if I'm not, not mistaken. As I was walking out the door I was stopped by security. Security asked me, why I stole the bag I had on my back? The bag is mine, I told them over and over. They didn't hear me. They brought me inside and I was then arrested for shoplifting. They called in the NYPD, who came in and they arrested me. They brought me down into uh the 35th. precinct. Booked me. Put me in a cell there. They then um transported me down here to county court or central booking whatever you would like to call it. And I'm in here ever since, I guess that would have been Sunday morning and I've been here ever since. I've just been released. It's Monday morning and all my charges were dismissed, every one of them, everyone of them. Nobody was able to pinpoint these charges on me. So now I'm going to go see a lawyer and I'm going to see if I can sue K-Mart for having this happen to me. I've lost work. I should be at work today. I lost my whole weekend. I lost my dignity, okay. I'm not a criminal.