"It's like a dog make a pee on the wall. I'm animal."

I'm from Paris , France. i'm here because I write graffiti on the wall. I was with a few friends in the streets, walked down to Astor Place. Like in France I make graffiti, when the Police come and push me in the wall. I wrote just two name. They took me to the 8th. street precinct. I was three or four hours in jail with twenty man. I got a nickname, "Fresh Fish", from this jail. Now I want to come back to France.

My graffiti, just a tag, hispanic writing. Graffiti is a part of my life. I start when i was a kid. Its like a spirit, it's my life. I'm a student in graffiti design. Writing on the wall is like I was here, I was in New York, I was in Paris, I was in Amsterdam. It's like a dog make a pee on the wall. I'm animal.