"I'm from Northern California. Everyone smokes marijuana"

I was arrested for smoking marijuana in the west village on the street about three weeks ago. Um and we were picked up by undercover cops, we actually finished smoking the bowl, left turned the corner and then two people walked right next to us and said, "Mam can we talk to you for a second" and it was over from there. I'm from Northern California. Everyone smokes marijuana. My father smokes. We smoke on the street all the time. Not really a big deal. Didn't think it would happened. Ended up going back to the precinct and because I was a woman and I wasn't able to go into the cell with the other guys I was handcuffed and ankle cuffed to a bench for five and one half hours not able to move in a really ridiculous pants suit with these kind of like shady guys. It was ridiculous, strange. The cops were giving them cigarettes. That was weird too. They were all smoking in the precinct.

We were going out. We were going out dancing. I was wearing this like seventies high waisted striped like bell bottom huge bright bright neon stripped pants suit. It was good. Probably why we got caught, they saw my colors.

I'm smoking pot back at home or in California. On the street. Cops have better things to do. Be careful, be more careful I guess and really yeah smoke in your place here in New York, the cops even said that, "they were like it's not a big deal just smoke in your house, you can't do it on the street".