"There is a stillness that lays deep inside the she in me."

I'm a street artist. I sell my art on 14th Street and Broadway, right in front of Whole Foods. And I was arrested about two months ago for selling my art on the streets. So, I make one-of-a-kind bags that I make all of myself, I'm an advocate for sweatshop-free labor. Along with all of my bags I give a pamphlet on sweatshop labor, donating some of the proceeds to an organization. And they arrested me because they said I didn't fall under first amendment, which hundreds of New York City street artists are unjustly arrested every year because of the same situation. So, I was in court today, the case...they re-issued another court date for November 25th, and apparently it's a long process, it keeps going and going and going until finally they grant you first amendment, or they don't, depending on how they feel you fall into place.

Here's some examples of some of my bags. I do poetry on all of my bags.

"There is a stillness that lays deep inside the she in me.
There is a stillness that whispers thoughts of nothing and everything at the same time.
There is a stillness that knows.
Once in a while when my mind stops spinning and my body stops moving, I can hear that clear...clear voice.
And then...this...all of this, seems to make sense.
And...then...I remember that this, all of this, is just one moment in time.
There is a stillness that lays deep inside the she in me."

This is, yeah, I do this full-time. This is my primary source of income. I've been doing it full-time for about a year. I get a lot of...people really, in New York City, really respect the street artists, I think it's definitely a part of the whole atmosphere that attracts people, so I have a lot of repeat customers.