"They probably thought I was gonna hijack a train or something."

I was walking to the train and the cops saw a clip in my pocket so they stopped me and they thought it was a knife and it was a knife. It took them a while, they took it and they were trying to figure out if it was a switchblade or a gravity knife so they were trying to figure it out for about twenty minutes, half an hour, after they finally got it open they saw that it lock clicked, they decided to arrest me and then they didn't even end up charging me for the knife because there was no reason for them to stop me to get the knife but then they saw weed in my bag and charged me for the marijuana and I had to pay seventy five dollars. Waste of Monday. I didn't not get my knife back. I asked but they said no. But I have a piece of paper that is a receipt that says switchblade on it so maybe some day when it's legal I can get it back. I didn't even know it was a switchblade. Just casue it locks. I just thought it was a knife. But who knew? Now I know. I bought it in a legal store so they shouldn't have been selling it. Well it was only a little bit of weed, so not a lot. But I paid to pay two hundred bucks cause its a hundred and thirty dollar court fee or something so that was like two fifty, probably about three hundred dollars. Then I live in Boston so I had to take a bus here. It's outrageous. Expensive knife, it was an expensive day and it was 911, so obviously they would stop me on 911. They probably thought I was gonna hijack a train or something. What are you going to do? New York.

November 10, 2008