"They do bend the laws for certain people. And sometime a person like me get a little bent."

Hold it, let me stop smoking. You got a match? All right. You want me to hold your coffee, and drink it for you, too?
Due to the judicious system, I believe that...you gotta forgive my speech, my vocabulary. As I was saying, my vocabulary is very limited. And, I'm somewhat illiterate. But, I'm a very intelligent illiterate young man. Older man, I should say. Anyway, I do believe the judicial system abuse a lot of they privilege, what they issue out the people, and I'm one of them. They wanted to offer me 30 days for hopping a subway, which I didn't have a fare, and the location I hopped it at, I do live there on the sidewalk. It's a very unfortunate situation for me.

For the petit larceny crimes and whatnot I do commit, just to survive, and I choose them very well where I won't get much time, and it's like a choice. You need this, and this the only way you can get it at the time, and it really don't hurts nobody. But it's laws that need to be enforced, but sometime you can bend the laws, which they do in certain occasions, on high levels, they do bend the laws for certain people. And sometime a person like me get a little bent.

1500...maybe over a period of 30 years, yes. Maybe. I'm not positive. It could be a little less. That's more like summonses, not arrests. How many arrests? Numerous. Maybe a hundred times in 30 years. This is my third home. What's it like? Well, sometime...they beat me up last night. Some of the officers, the officers are very...it's a lot of...how should I say? A lot of...what's the word I'm searching for? Like I said earlier in the interview, my vocabulary is very limited due to my education. Lacking of education. Fifth grade. I didn't graduate, I dropped out in the fifth. I should say...I didn't get beat up, I say they were trying to. The Correction Officers.

My finger? This happened in prison, on Clinton Farm. See? This one. It still go to good use at certain times. I'm not gonna tell you what the uses are. Hello, lady.