"She said I slapped her. Which I didn't."

Um, my girl, my girlfriend, my previous girlfriend already suspected me having relationship with someone else, never coulda came, never coulda came at me with evidence and proof. Um threatened me to go to court to have visitation rights, that was the only way I could see my son. She made so difficult for me and she put me through court, made false allegations upon domestic violence abuse on her. When the judge and the DA um took upon to be on my side and dismiss the case cause they saw it was false allegation, false allegation cause of jealousy. So I feel like there's a lot people, there's a lot of people in my situation that's even in prison, that's even in prison now because of domestic violence that's domestic violence is not all the time from a male. It also come, domestic violence come from a female as well. The law don't want to see that, they don't want to face the fact, they just want to see that the male figure is dominated and stronger so therefore he's the abuse one in the relationship, you understand?

She said that I verbally assaulted her, which I did. I spit at her, which I did. She said I slapped her. Which I didn't. It was and it was it was simply because she had a feeling that I was, that I had a woman and females are like that, they can't be with you. Nobody can be with you. You understand what I'm saying? They know that domestic violence right now in this state is priority number one and they, any female in this world knows that just by saying domestic violence they have the guy in the palm of their hands.