"You know. I'm homeless. I go to the bath houses and take a shower."

Zullo Paul, Pul heh I'm not all there. My last name is Paul, my first name. My last name... is Zullo. I was drinking all night. Just a crime that's all. Fighting. Some guy over there in the park. Some guy I don't know. I've never seen him before. I stay there sometimes.

One in the building there I broke his telephone, his walkie talkie. I smashed it on the floor because I was picking up cans. I didn't even know it, I seen it by the telephone so I picked it up and I threw it on the floor, he says, "Oh my phone, my phone". And it was right across by the curb. So he's taking me to court. The other guys taking me to court too. Both people are taking me to court. For fighting. I've haven't gotten in trouble since they let me go. I didn't even touch the guy, I didn't even hit him or nothing. He's bleeding from his finger. And they took me and put me, fucking stun gun me, all over my body. The five precinct. They let me go. He was looking for trouble from me and I was looking for trouble from him. They was cursing me out over there. They don't like white guys. He was a black guy.

I go to parks and different areas to pick up cans just to eat something. I don't got no were to go, You know. I'm homeless. I go to the bath houses and take a shower. In the park. Any park, any park to sleep, lay your head down. Nobody bother you. No I don't ask for no money. Thats why I pick up cans not to bother people. Yeah I go to the machine every day to cash in cans. Yeah I wait over here seven thirty everyday. Sometimes they come by sometimes they hold food for me. Outside. It's all right. You get used to it. I'm used to the cold. But sometimes it gets so cold I go in the shelters sometimes. Just for a night You can't help where you gotta go. Some place to go. Not living in the street to die, freeze to death. It don't bother me. It bothers other people.