"They thought I was someone I wasn't."

It was a case of mistaken identity. What happened was they accused me of something I didn't do. They thought I was someone I wasn't. You know each time that I kept repeating my own plea to the officers you know I told them I'm not this person who you think I am, they kept coming at me and said but this person and that person said that you're this person. I was like ok. You know what cause I obey the law and I understand that the law has its place, its own provocative permission. But I told like this, I was like look, "You got proof?" They said, "they got witnesses." I was like look, "I am not this person, I will never be this person, no matter how hard, no matter how high I'll never be that person." I did my part you know. I went upstairs, said hello to a couple of people. In between it all you know what I found out? That the majority of people that are locked up are locked up over nonsense. You know what I'm saying? There's a lot more to do in this world then to harass the little man, then to bother the person who cannot even fend for themselves. You know truth and nails, what the fuck they want from us? Want they just cut our wrists off you know. What the fuck they want? We're nibbling on our forearms right now. I'll bite my own elbows for them. And they're still not happy. You know what I tell them, I tell them nothing, I do whatever the fuck they want, because I'm a slave to them, I'm a slave to these bitches they fucking own me. See that. The courts own me. So what am I gonna do man. Twenty times a day I still pay my taxes. I still represent. What do I represent? A living, breathing free man. What is that accumulated for? To be a free man. It means shit in this world. The only thing that talks is money. And I don't hate money but I hate what money does to people. Mother makes a mother fucker evil inside. People don't understand that shit. I'd rather be poor , brokeless, I'd rather have two cents in my pocket then have a hundred million dollars in the bank. Because the reality of it is, when you get money you get fucking stupid and you start looking at people like you're better than them. You start looking down on people. You think your aggression is real nah. You think your money is tight. The reality of it is there's so many people out here man fucking hurting. The middle man is carrying the weight for you mother fuckers. We're the middle men.