"I don't know why they took me to jail. "

I was facing three charges, one was disorderly conduct and the other was a fare beat, and um, and assault with. First the assault with the weapon was grand larceny the first time I was arrested and then once I got out of the Tombs, jail, it turned into assault with a deadly weapon. They thought I stole the drill at first, they didn't understand the guy that was talking to them. There was a locksmith in my building. The cops didn't understand that he was trying to say that somebody there called the cops I mean called the locksmith on them. I'm not really sure cause I didn't hear his side of the story. Assault with a deadly weapon. I got arrested by the same arresting officer twice. That same day. Basically the same area. Right in my neighborhood. First it was grand larceny and then it tuned into assault with a deadly weapon cause I supposedly took the drill and threatened his head or something. The locksmith. I don't know. I have no idea who he was. I can't really say much more cause I don't really know; anything. I don't know why they took me to jail. That's why it was dropped, I guess. I didn't do anything.

The farebeat, that was because I swiped my card and it keep on saying you know, swipe again here, swipe again here. I swiped again at a different turnstile and it said insufficient funds. But I already checked the two cards that I had. One had two fifty and one had eighteen dollars on it. The two fifty one is the one I used. And then once it said insufficient funds I figured it took the money and I made eye contact with the police so, it's not like, I just figured I'd tell them you know, it just said insufficient fare and I and I did check before. The second time he was kind of rude. He was very rude. He arrested me. I don't remember how it exactly went down. But the people in his precinct actually said he was kid of a hot head. He said something. He knew who I was.

He was just in my building and he asked me for my ID because he needs an ID to get into the basement. I'm like. It's not my basement and he took my wallet out of my hands. I said to him, "You're going to jail" because he kicked me as I was leaving. I said, "You're going to jail." I kind of scared him I guess. I didn't have any intention on calling the police. But he called the police I guess. The police had him in the car and they were turning and I waved them down. I didn't realize he was already in the car. If I hadn't waved them down they wouldn't have even came over to me and then they arrested me and I realized he was in the back seat and he had already told them his, whatever story. He can't really speak very good English so they didn't understand a word he said so they arrested me for grand larceny for stealing his drill. I never stole a drill though. Where is the drill? The drill is still in his car.