"It didn't kinda register until he pulled out the BlackBerry that he was not a bum."

So, me and my friends, B and J—he's a Marine, so we call him by his last name—yeah, he's a Marine with 20 counts of, like, assaulting a police officer. Every time they put cuffs on him, he has to hit them. Anyway, we're sitting around, we're smoking pot, it was a bowl. Nice big glass bowl, and six undercovers come up and they slap the cuffs on B. But they know B personally by face because they've seen him so many damn times. So, they get a girl to come and handcuff him because by the time he turns around, he had his fist already cocked. He was about to punch the cop out. And, like, he realized it was a girl and he's like, he just drew back. Like, and, they come up to us, and they were like, they're searching me, they're telling me, like, "where is it? Where is it? Where is it?" And J is sitting with the pipe, right next to him and smoking, like, big thick cloud of smoke just came out of this pipe, and they can't find...six cops on three people can't find one bowl. So, we got arrested for less than a gram when they actually finally did. The way that we got busted, though, was there was this other black gentleman sitting on the bench over there, and we just thought he was a normal citizen, and everything, 'cause he didn't have his shield showing. And, so, he's over there on his BlackBerry just...you know, like, here's B, and here's the other two guys with him, and that's basically how we got arrested right there, the guy's sitting there reporting everything that we're doing on his BlackBerry. Yeah, and he's a cop, and we didn't know it. He didn't look anything like a cop, he looked just like a, he just basically looked like a bum, honestly. Yeah, it didn't kinda register until he pulled out the BlackBerry that he was not a bum. Like, 'cause he sat there for, like, 20 or 30 minutes and, like, just sat there and watched us smoke and drink and have fun. By that time, we'd already threw away all the cans, so he couldn't get us for open containers, or anything, so, that's pretty much my lovely story. I spent 22 hours in this jail right above you.

I travel everywhere. I went to Amsterdam last year. I'm always on the road, I hitchhike most of the time. I'm probably going to end up going back to L.A., right after this, to go and see my mother for a little while, probably stay with her for a couple months, and then start back out. Possibly go to, I was planning on going to Oregon very soon, because I like to sit out in the country in the fields, and everything, it's nice...and smoke.