"I'm kind of hungry so I robbed a store."

I gotta wait on probation. For a robbery. Hanging out with wrong people. Bad people. I got caught with something that I did. I got caught robbing a store and now I'm on probation. I got arrested. I got caught. I had a lot on my mind and I couldn't take it anymore. A lot of family issues. I had no money. I hadn't gotten my welfare check. I'm kind of hungry so I robbed a store. Bodega. 9mm. One of my friends. One of my people that I was hanging out with. Bad. I regretted it, after I did it. Now I couldn't do nothing I was locked up. Didn't have no freedom. It ain't fun being in jail. You can't do nothing. All you do is sleep all day. Nothing. Nah I did it with other people. Yeah I had the gun but I threw it after. I didn't want to get caught with it. $20. You hang out with the wrong crowd and you get caught with the wrong crowd. I gotta walk a straight line now. I'm on probation. Don't get in trouble. It ain't fun. When you get locked up it ain't fun. You can't do nothing. You have no freedom. You can't use your money when you want to. Definitely you can't call nobody. Only one time a day and that's it. You know it's not a place to be. I ain't ever gonna do it again.